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COVID restrictions at Gekås

Gekås is always following the COVID pandemic developments and follow local and national health authorities guidelines and laws. They say they take their responsibility seriously and make sure to minimize the virus spread as much as possible.

Starting February 9, 2022, all restrictions were lifted, which means there are no longer any restrictions on how many customers can be inside the store or sit at a table in the restaurant. However, based on the health authority’s guidelines, customers should try to keep distance and avoid congested crowds.

What has been done in the store:

  • Customers are reminded to keep distance to other customers, and when queueing up at the cash register.
  • Plexiglass has been mounted between the cashier and the customers.
  • Customers are reminded to wash and sanitize hands on a regular basis.

The management recommends customers to visit the store early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds. It’s also suggested to visit on the weekdays Monday through Thursday.

Please stay home if you feel sick or show any symptoms of having a cold or infection.

10 February, 2022