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Thefts and Shoplifting at Gekås

Every year, around 100 shoplifters get caught at Gekås in Ullared, which is about half of all shoplifter arrests in Falkenberg County. When the police interrogate the shoplifters, more than half of them admit to their crimes.

The usual punishment is probation and/or a fine. But the reasons why they shoplift might be more interesting. Not that it’s a valid excuse, but it’s not only for the same reason.

Here are some:

  • Wanting excitement in a boring life
  • Wanting to succeed at something after having a lot of failures in their life
  • Couldn’t afford Christmas gifts
  • Habit from a young age that stuck with them
  • Resell items to make money

Gekås and their security guards have started a new program that has reduced shoplifting with 30%. They call it “safe in store”. They are doing this by interacting more with the customers, and especially those that may act suspiciously. Since they can’t call police to arrest someone until they have passed the cashier’s line, they are trying different methods. They are trying to be more proactive. Things like approaching someone putting items in their pocket and offering them a shopping basket or a cart. Or talking with them and asking them if they need help carrying their items to the cashier, and so on. More attention in the store has led to less thefts and not as many incidents where they need to call the police. Some shoplifters have even thanked the store staff that they were stopped before they committed a crime.

Stay within the law!

17 June, 2022