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We built this website about Ullared because the information available online about Ullared is sparse. We travel a lot, and so do our English speaking friends. We want them to know as much about Ullared, Halland, and Gekås as our Swedish friends do. This is a new website, but we will add more content as we go along. Feel free to send us more content. If you want to help us out, contact us on X.

Our Mission

Expand the knowledge of Ullared and its surroundings to more English speaking travelers.

Ullared Over the Years

19th Century


In the late 19th century, construction of two railways began. The Falkenberg Railway ran from Falkenberg to Limmared and Ullared was a stop along the way. The railway closed around 1960 and in it’s place is now a bike path known as Pyttebanan.

After 1960


When the railway station shut down around 1960, the path that used to hold the rail tracks was converted to a hiking and biking path. This stretches 48 km (30 miles) and is now a popular destination for hikers, walkers, trail runners, bikers, mountainbikers, etc. 


Founding of Gekås

The superstore Gekås was founded by Göran Karlsson, which has become the main visitor attraction in Ullared. 



During the 1950s, several parish-sized municipalities in the area merged, reformed and later joined the larger Falkenberg municipality in 1971. 



The city council adopted a new plan to designate a specific area for building of residential homes, while another area will be for retail shopping.


Visitor Record

On 25 July 2011, the Gekås store was visited by 29 500 customers in a single day.

Our Story

Gekås by the Numbers

Gekås by the Numbers

Over 30,000 Square Metres (320,000 sq ft)

Store Area

Over 100,000 different items

Product Range

Over 4.8 million customers per year


Every 30 minutes all-year-round

Deliver Truck Arrivals

More than 740


69 cash registers in operation

Our Location

A Space to Relax, Eat, and Get a Coffee

You don’t have to shop until you drop! There are other things to do in Ullared than just shopping. How about taking a break for lunch or fika?

Café & Bar

You can find Ullared in the heart of Halland County.

Located in the southwest of Sweden, Ullared is almost on the west coast, but not really. It’s close to the coast but still inland. Therefore, it’s a hybrid climate with lots of weather fluctuations. Relative to the region’s climate in general, the summers can be very hot and the winters extremely cold. Winter swing cycles of rain and snow are common, and so are summer thunderstorms. Be prepared for that when packing for your visit to Ullared.

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