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Here we collected the most frequently asked questions about Ullared, and specially Gekås.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gekås Cheap?


It’s not a guarantee that everything at Gekås in Ullared is cheaper than at other places. However, most of what is sold at Gekås is reasonably priced.

Is it possible to shop online?


No, Gekås does not run any e-commerce websites or online ordering. That’s not part of their strategic plan. They want everyone to experience their shopping in-person, on-site, and possibly stay overnight.

When is the best time to shop?


To avoid large crowds, visit on weekdays Monday through Thursday. Days when most people usually work. Go there early in the morning or late afternoon. Also avoid the days following Swedish paydays.

Do they accept cash?


Yes, you can pay with cash, as long as it’s Swedish Krona (SEK).

Are there every any sales?


No, they don’t have any regularly scheduled sales. The only time they reduce prices is if they want to move a specific product out of the store fast.

What about when you need to “GO”?


Gekås has toilets for customers to use, and yes they are free to use. No coin deposits necessary, like at other places in Europe.