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Dog Daycare in Ullared

Now you don’t have to worry about what to do with your dog while visiting Ullared and/or shopping at Gekås. Since last summer, you can leave your beloved dog at daycare near the shopping center.

Ullareds Hunddagis (dog daycare) is located just 1 km from the Gekås shopping center and is open during the summer. It’s a drop-in daycare, so there’s no need to make any reservations or plan far in advance. Just bring your dog! The daycare is, however, limited to 30 dogs, so you might want to book in advance, after all. Each dog gets their own 18 square meter roofed and walled yard and individual dog house. Each dog is taken for a walk and entertained, one at a time, and never together with the other dogs.

There are a few restrictions. Every dog needs to be vaccinated and insured, and can be no higher than 65cm.

The daycare is run by Maria Frick, who today also owns the company Working dogs education. During the summer months, Maria and her co-workers keep Ullareds Dog Daycare open for Ullared visitors who need a place for their dog while shopping.

On their websites, they give the following assurance… “We want you as a dog owner to feel safe leaving your dog with us, and are convinced that positive reinforcement and care are the basic cornerstones for our four-legged friends. At Ullareds Dog Nursery, there is no room for controversial methods such as electric collars or other unpleasant obedience methods. We believe in building strong bonds between dogs and people through respect, patience and rewards. Our team of experienced dog enthusiasts focus on rewarding desired behavior instead of punishing negative actions.

Last summer they were open June through August. However, they are looking to expand their opening months and possibly stay open May through September, in the future. Visit their website for opening hours and contact information.

Take care!

12 December, 2023